Pressure Washing in Milford, OH

The world is a dirty place.  Whether it’s from air pollution, car exhaust, or just plain neglect, dirt has become an all-too-visible part of our lives. Fortunately for us all there are ways to combat this problem that don’t require a degree in chemistry or a lot of time and effort on our part.  

Pressure washing is considered the #1 way to restore your home to pristine condition. What makes this method so effective? It quickly blasts away all traces of dirt, grime, mold, and mildew from exterior surfaces around your property, leaving your home contaminant-free and fresh.

Full-Service Exterior Cleaning Company in Milford

Power Washing

Whether you need your siding, roof, deck, or driveway cleaned, our team can help. With our over 15 years of power wash experience, we can restore your property to its original condition. Although highly pressurized water is effective at removing stains and build-up, it’s not the most suitable option for certain surfaces around your home. Siding, wood decks, and paver walkways need a gentler approach. Our low-psi soft wash system provides a deep clean for these surfaces! We offer both residential power washing and commercial cleaning in Milford and surrounding towns.

Roof Cleaning

Mold and mildew eat away at your roof over time and can cause moisture damage and other serious problems. Remove the dirty, ugly black streaks that build up on your home's rooftop and protect the most important part of your property! Routine maintenance can save you thousands of money in the long run because it helps prevent early wear and tear and full roof replacements. Call us to learn more about our rooftop maintenance packages!

Outdoor Services

We offer sealing and staining services for decks, fences, and other outdoor areas to keep them looking new year-round! After we wash your property, we’d be happy to either stain or seal the surface(s) for added protection and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Choose a color that looks best with your home and we’ll get painting right away.

House Washing

Your home can say a lot about you and can give either a positive or negative impression to neighbors and visitors. What does your home say about you? Do you see stains on your siding? Has your roof seen better days? Are your dirty walkways screaming for attention? It might be time to call Xtreme Pressurized Cleaning for a professional soft wash house wash. We use a gentle cleaning approach for all siding and roofing jobs to prevent property damage and leave your home looking pristine. Revamp your curb appeal today!

Deck Restoration

Your deck or patio is a place where you should feel safe and comfortable, a space where you go to relax and enjoy the outdoors. It’s also a great place to host some friends for a weekend barbeque. Keep your deck clean and fresh so you can enjoy its full potential. Our patio cleaning service is safe and effective on all wooden surfaces and will leave your property in beautiful condition.

Driveway Cleaning

Your driveway endures a lot. The sun’s rays, changing weather, the weight of your vehicle, and stains from vehicle exhaust and oil leaks can do a doozy on your pavement over time. Give your driveway the care it deserves with professional power wash services! We use powerful cleaning methods to eliminate tough stains from concrete and asphalt surfaces. Maximize your driveway’s lifespan and prevent early repairs to your pavement with our power wash system.

Concrete Surface Cleaning

The concrete surfaces around your property can get dirty with time as this material is very porous and practically absorbs dirt and grime, trapping them on the surface. The pressure wash method is the perfect solution for this. It forces all dirt and grime out of every groove and crack in the concrete. We guarantee noticeable, long-lasting results with our concrete surface cleaning service.

Commercial Washing

We proudly service our local businesses in Milford and Cincinnati! We understand what it takes to impress customers and keep your employees happy and productive. Exterior property maintenance is one of the first steps you can take to boost business productivity and show your customers that you care about quality service or products. Call us to learn how we can help your business today with our commercial pressure wash service.

Why Hire Xtreme Pressurized Cleaning?

Our team has over 15 years of experience in the exterior property maintenance industry and has the expertise needed to get your projects done to perfection. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and results you love. You don’t pay until you are satisfied! 

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4 Benefits of Pressure Washing

Boost Curb Appeal

It makes your home look great and last for years. Impress the neighbors with a clean home!

Raise Property Value

A clean home sells. Give potential buyers a warm welcome with a spotless, well-maintained property.

Extend Property Life

Mold, mildew, and other contaminants commonly found on home exteriors wear down surfaces over time and can cause damage and early deterioration. Eliminate harmful substances and help your property last for years.

Protect Your Health

Eliminating harmful substances protects you and keeps the air around your home cleaner. You also avoid tracking contaminants like mold into your home from the ground outside when you clean regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will pressure washing remove deck paint?

Yes, it can be used to strip off old paint. You’ll need to use psi settings of around 2000 to remove the paint without harming the wood.

Can high water pressure damage brick?

Yes, psi settings above 1000 can damage brick and remove any loose pieces. It’s best to save this job for soft washing and psi settings no higher than 1000.

How many psi do I need to clean concrete?

Concrete can handle 3000 psi. Power washing gets into the grooves of the surface, leaving every inch clean and fresh.

Why should you not pressure wash your house?

High psi cleaning can damage your home’s siding, gutter system, windows, roof, and more. These surfaces can dent, crack, shatter, or tear. The soft wash method is the optimal solution for these materials.

What is soft washing?

This method uses specialized detergents instead of highly pressurized water to deep clean surfaces. It’s gentle and effective!

Is soft wash or pressure washing better?

Although both methods are excellent options, the soft wash system is particularly good because not only does it eliminate tough stains but it prevents future build-up since the detergents sanitize as they break down contaminants.

Power Washing in Clermont County

Our team at Xtreme Pressurized Cleaning is ready to help you with your exterior maintenance projects! We are happy to provide quality pressure washing in Milford, OH. Give us a call for your FREE estimate today!


Our home, a Drees house that we built in 1990, was in need of an extreme pressure washing. Coincidentally, Xtreme put a flyer on our front door. I called Austin, a young 25-year-old entrepreneur, and he pressure cleaned our home. Brick, siding, wood, a large wooden deck in the rear of the house, and the driveway, front porch and sidewalks! Austin did a great job, gave us a great price, and I’m so satisfied with the work he’s done. More importantly is the fact that he is an honest, hard worker, a… Read more
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