What Really is the Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing? Find Out Once and For All

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Settling the Differences of Power Washing and Pressure Washing

Is one better than the other? Which should you use to rinse your house? There are a lot of questions about these cleaning methods, but we're here to answer them once and for all. Both methods will clean away dirt from your exteriors like concrete sidewalks or brick walls. However, there are some key differences that set them apart!

The Answer is in the Water

Powerful rinsing uses a high-force jet stream to remove dirt, grime and stains from areas. In contrast, pressure rinsing is using the force of moisture to spray itself as it leaves a hose or lance with no mechanical action at all. Both methods can be used for different purposes: the power technique is more suitable for removing old paint from wood surfaces, whereas the pressure is more effective for removing stains.

Both use water that is between 60 to 90 degrees. It's also important not to choose a temperature that's too high, as you risk damaging the area you're cleaning - whether it be your driveway or sidewalk. Both can cause damage if used incorrectly! However, there are some differences in how they work: one uses a machine that pressurizes the water, while the other uses a spray nozzle to create force. The goal is still to use high-pressurized jets aimed at surfaces in order to blast away dirt and grime.

Chemistry that Cleans Surfaces

There's also the factor of chemicals. Power washers use detergents or disinfectants to give surfaces a deeper clean, while pressure rinsing doesn't offer such enhancements - it only focuses on using water alone for cleaning purposes. Both methods are great in their own right and have been used by homeowners for many years now! However, if you're unsure about using equipment, you can always contact a professional!

What You Shouldn’t Power Wash

Not all surfaces are suitable for the power rinsing method. You should never use it on wood or asphalt shingles, as you risk damaging the surface - especially if they're old and worn out! You should also avoid using power rinsing on areas that are made of fiberglass, as the force of water may damage those.

What You Shouldn’t Pressure Wash

Again, there's a list of things you shouldn't use for this technique! You can't use them for removing paint from wood or walls and they're not suitable for cleaning surfaces that are made of fiberglass or metal. You should also avoid using pressure washers to clean gutters, as the force of water may damage those!

​​As you can see, there are many differences between the two. One uses water pressurized by a machine to clean surfaces like wood siding, while the other relies solely on the high jets of moisture for cleaning purposes. Both methods offer great results when used correctly - but it's important not to use them incorrectly, as you might damage the surface being cleaned!

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