Never use high-pressure on your home!

power washing cincinnatiAt Xtreme Pressurized Cleaning we use a low-pressure, soft power washing system that utilizes the same pressure as a household garden hose. We apply our plant-safe biodegrade wash mix designed to leave long-lasting results and also lengthen the amount of time between exterior cleanings!

Traditional power washing can loosen or blow off your siding and leave permanent scars on your home’s exterior. Soft washing is the only safe way to clean your home’s siding and will also save you money. Our revolutionary system provides a lower-cost option for homeowners along with a higher quality experience and better results!

Our Power Washing Services include:

Home Exterior

Rejuvenate your home’s exterior with our power washing services! Remove years of dirt, grime and more in a matter of hours and make your home look like new again!

Roof Cleaning

Remove the black streaks, moss and algae from your roof! Not only are they ugly, but they can cause significant damage to your home’s roof. We’ll make your roof look like new!

Driveway Cleaning

Your driveway takes a beating day in and day out with everyday vehicle usage and its exposure to Mother Nature. Our pressure washing services provide a deep clean to your driveway to increase curb appeal and longevity!

Outdoor Patios, Porches & Sidewalks

Nothing ruins a beautiful day outside like dirt and grime covering your outdoor living spaces. Our power washing services remove the years of exposure to the elements!