5 Reasons to Pressure Wash Your House Before Fall: A Home Maintenance Guide

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Summer Ends and the Tasks Begins

It's that time of year when you start to notice a little bit more dirt and grime on your house. The leaves have started to fall, the trees are starting to shed their leaves, and there is a crispness in the air.  In order to prepare your home for the changing seasons, it's important to pressure wash before things get even worse! Here are five reasons why you should pressure wash your house before winter:


#1 Why You  Should Clean Your Gutters

One of the first things that homeowners should do is to check and clean your gutters. You want to ensure they are as clear as possible so when those leaves start falling, you won't have any problems with water overflow or standing water on your roof. If there isn't a lot of debris in them already, this is a good time to clean them out. Doing so will prevent  the buildup of leaves, needles and other fallen debris that can block them or damage your roof. If you leave this for later it could cause even more problems such as leaks, damage to your roof and can even lead to a fallen tree!


#2 Removing Grime Off Your Siding Before Winter Hits

There's a lot of dirt and grime on your siding, especially if you live in an area where there are trees surrounding or near your home. If you don't want to deal with getting dirty while pressure washing the outside of your home, this is another good reason why it's best to clean before winter hits. You can avoid all the dirt and grime that will accumulate on your siding throughout the fall season if you take care of them now.


#3 Pressure Washing Helps with Snow and Ice Removal

Washing your house before winter gives you a good head start when it comes time to shovel snow or remove ice. You don't want to wait until the last minute before you have to remove snow or ice. Doing so can cause damage, especially if there is a lot of it. This will give your house time for any small cracks and crevices that might be forming in order to repair them now rather than later when they are bigger problems.


#4 If You Don't Pressure Wash Your House, You'll be Forced to Clean in the Spring

It's much easier and less time consuming if you take care of things now instead of later when it comes spring. This is especially true for cleaning your driveway or patio because these areas will accumulate a lot more grime if you don't pressure wash before winter. You'll be happy you took the initiative to pressure wash your house if spring cleaning comes around and it saves you a lot of time!


#5 Soft Washing Your Roof is a Great Way to Prevent Damage

Soft washing your roof is an important part of home maintenance because it can prevent damage and water leaks. If you don't want any problems in the future, this would be a good time to inspect your roof for damages or defects that may need attention before winter. You'll also prepare yourself by soft washing your roof and removing any dirt, grime or other buildup that might have accumulated during the fall season.

There are lots of reasons why homeowners should wash their house before winter. Doing so helps with exterior maintenance, saves you time in the spring and prepares your home for winter snow removal.

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