What is Milford OH Famous For? 4 Historical Facts About this City

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Milford, A Town With a Past

Milford, Ohio is a small town located in the center of Ohio. However, this tiny town has an interesting history that many people do not know about! In this blog post, we will discuss what Milford is known for and why it's such a special place to live.


#1 Who is Rev. Francis McCormick?

Rev Francis McCormick was a revolutionary war soldier and the first settler to arrive in the area. He was born in 1764 to Irish immigrants, and moved from his native Ireland at the age of thirteen. After arriving on American soil he joined the revolutionary war as an officer under General Anthony Wayne.

Upon arriving, He built a log cabin on 1000 Forest Avenue which is still there to this day. He brought the Methodist class in 1803.


#2 Milford's Historic Courthouse Square: The Heart of the Community

The historic courthouse square is located in the center. Many events and festivals are hosted here throughout the year! It was designed by architect Charles Howard Lloyd who also designed buildings such as Ohio State University, Cincinnati Music Hall and other famous landmarks. This area has been the heart since 1825.

It is a very culturally diverse place to live with people coming from all over the world! There are many different age groups and friendly neighbors, which makes it a great place for families. It's also an area where you can find peace and quiet as well as fun events if that interests you too.


#3 Where did Milford get its name?

In the year 1800, a man named Samuel Duncan opened up a store in this area. He began to sell various items such as bread and whiskey. People started coming from all over the town just to buy these goods! Eventually, people decided that they needed another name for their growing village and decided to name it after Duncan's store, Milford.


#4 Why is this town called the "Tree City?

This town has a special program that helps take care of and plant many different types of trees all over the city! The goal is for every person who lives here to have at least three trees on their property! The city has been named the "Tree City" because of all their hard work to make sure that these trees are properly cared for.


Learn More!

The Milford Historical Society is also very interested in preserving the history and culture of this town. They host many different events to help do just that! If you're looking for a fun day trip or an interesting story, then I'd highly recommend visiting it for yourself and finding out all about their past. You won't regret it!



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